Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seeing Good is feeling good!

Pleasure lies in small ‘n’ simple things. Truly. Thanks to this exercise of posting small things each day, which made me happy during the day, I am more aware of the small pleasures of life,... all packed in a day.

1. It’s been a while; I received a love note that too a heart shaped one. What can I say, today is my lucky day

 2. A hot steaming cup of tea with a dash of ginger was placed promptly next to my laptop, almost thrice today to combat a nagging painful throat. Thanks mom. Each time it felt divine.

3. Small, not visibly but surely, dirty and sticky hands grabbed & hugged me while making the announcement that she is amongst the 3 shortlisted for the inter-school poetry recitation competition. Was music to my ears, a happy indication that the new school has been adjusted to. 

 4. No matter what your age is, speaking to your best friends in a day, make-up for just anything missing in your life. Especially when you move to a new town with practically no friends. So a silent prayer goes out, God, please keep them intact in my life. 

 5. Being a Friday evening, there is lightness in the air. Ok, so no poetry here. Basically cause there is no school or office tomorrow . And we caught a panoramic view of the sky from our balcony. Made me wonder, was I so caught up in a life in metro that didn’t pause to just gaze at such a view?

6. Last night, Saturday was demanded to be a No-Mobile Day. And I accepted the challenge. Promptly, mine was switched off before sleeping and still continues. That’s not where the fun lied. During the day, I cheated thrice . The entire two minute episode of sneaking in a room with my mobile and ...checking for any updates from office and then letting it stretch to a luxurious second of quickly checking FB/Whatssup/ Twitter (till the 7 year old knocked at the door) was so unexpectedly fun like going after the forbidden fruit. Each time running to hide my mobile and opening the door, I smiled and remembered my childhood pranks. Am reliving my childhood with my child.

7. Afternoon we were at a departmental store, mom trying to extract the best out of the exchange deal for cookers and frying pans and I trying to hurry her up. Was unsuccessful. Finally the time came to stand at the cash counter. Never felt so happy to pay and leave. While waiting for the bill to churn out, glanced around. Mom and a middle aged lady, both were sitting on a stool and yapping in Marathi. For a minute I wondered if my memory is giving away. Do I know the lady? Nope. They happily discovered that they both are from Bombay and started chatting. While I had to be the spoilsport to interrupt their budding friendship since we were getting late, (looked like without that, one would have the other over for dinner tonight!) I realised the gravity of my mom’s contribution in my life. She packed her bags at this age just to be with me so that I can work. Thanks mom.

8. After a lot of introspection, realised that it’s true when they say that moving on, doesn’t necessarily mean giving up. It just means moving from denial to acceptance and letting it go. Many times, many of us keeping torturing ourselves because we are not able to let go. Let go and make peace with yourself.

9.  Study time is an inter-play of lessons & drawing. Lots of studies took place today which means lots of drawing too. After weeks, a carefree cub was finally captured and made to sit next to me with her books. Drawings ranged from good, bad to downright ......(no not sounding mean, just being plain honest ). Each time, a Picasso was done; the page was thrust right under my nose and asked to be evaluated. Each time I donned the role of an evaluator with an air of authority, a 9 was promptly prompted and then with a heavy heart, included an 8 too. So had two choices, only. But what took the cream is the sheet of stickers which each time, was shoved, for me to do the needful. Democracy rules in India but has definitely not reached my house.


10.We have our Punjabi genes very much in place. Which means we have our natural dancing shoes always on and can spring into action at the drop of a hat. Today morning during breakfast, kid & I, both did just that in our living room on the music of Jungle Book II. What started as graceful dance moves soon gave way to real bad to outright weird ones. And a natural progression to a competition as to who will come up with the most outrageously funny moves with funnier expressions. And the house came down with laughter. The two worlds suddenly struck me. A PR head of an MNC on weekdays and a crazy mom on weekends.

11. It’s not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy. So just one shot for us to be both. Not bad. Am on it :-)

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