Tuesday, May 09, 2017

And we are 10 years old!

We mean Business.

From the amount of greeting cards produced in my house, back in 2012 (giving 'Archies', a run for their money) we are now into Harry Potter merchandise.

Perks of working in the vicinity.

Nooks & Knick-knacks

Sitting by the pool, watching my kids- they squealing with happiness while playing in water. Soft music playing on my phone for company. 

Guess with age, more than feeling happy, feeling content becomes the key.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

There was an understated excitement in the air. The Badshah household was gearing up to host a special bunch of kids for a special movie screening followed by lunch. Everyone doing their bit to have my b’day celebration, my way. Hakim setting up the movie Nil Battey Sannata for drawing room screening. Kids packing the return gifts. Mom frying puris for a special Punjabi meal. 

Apparently the excitement was more in our guests' house. The kids woke their respective parents (my domestic help & driver) twice in the night, saying its time-let’s get ready for the party. As they walked in, dressed in their finery, we could sense the odd nervousness, the awe & the sheer exuberance of walking into a ‘big’ house & being greeted by a ‘big’ screen. The popcorn ‘n’ movie session was thoroughly enjoyed but going by their periodic happy gasps & beaming faces, Doraemon cartoon being played during their lunch & the return gifts emerged as winners. Won’t deny we did have our moments of lump-in-throat seeing these kids’ happy faces.

As they walked out of my house, giggling with their return gifts, walked in, a sense of gratitude. I hosted this b’day party for vested reasons. A revision for my family & me to count our blessings.
A recent conversation with my 10 year old.

Me: Am telling you for the last time... you can't split your classmates into girls versus boys. They all are your friends.
She: If that's the case, when we go near their table, why do they start whispering amongst each other..
Girl Alert- Girl Alert😶
You know you passed out of school centuries ago when essay writing from "Visit to the zoo/ circus/ railway station/fair" is now "Visit to the land of aliens/ mermaids/ wizards & witches". 

On your busiest days at work, she in her 70s, calls & asks you to immediately place an article in paper against the twists & endings of the Ekta Kapoor’s serials, she is currently watching & didn’t agree with. (Thanks to her understanding of my PR job) 

In her 80s, you offer her a Pepsi & she looks down on your hospitality. The drink doesn’t have enough ice-cubes. Snacks & savouries served without sauce & chutney are promptly returned to rectify your overlookings. You take her shopping & she dismisses the variety offered in comparison to that in the international malls she visited. Be it jewellery, sarees, suits, handbags or footwear, she had to have the best & kept a close eye on what we grandkids are wearing & using. During her stays, creams & moisturisers had to be shared in generous measures as wrinkled skin was a taboo to be seen in. Always in the party mode; outings & family reunions brought in a mischievous glee; loved to talk, gossip & laugh with all generations of her family. She’s “Nani on Wheels”- ever ready to pack her suitcase & travel. Flew to Hyderabad at age of 87. A die-hard foodie- a hard core non-vegetarian who also gorged on mangoes & mithais. Her purse always had a few chocolates tucked in. My kids shared their lollipop with her. That’s my nani for you & yes, she lived her life to the fullest.

Until Dementia struck her. In recent past, though I had to introduce myself a couple of times, in every call she asked me to come down & see her. I couldn’t as much I wanted to. That’s one regret I have to live with. Her voice calling my name out just doesn’t stop ringing in my ears.

The only thing which my nani couldn’t do in her lifetime was to go on a solo trip. At age of 90, she did that too. She took a piece of my heart & left me last week for the heavens.
If there is one thing I know about heavens, it is now a happening place.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Have feet , will dance, be it Bombay or Hyderabad. 

Caught on camera just before her Shaimak Summer Funk tribute to Backstreet Boys.

School finally reopens!

Inside, the bus seats remained unoccupied with kids almost standing in excitement, pieces of art shown around- fancy tiffin boxes, jazzy pencil boxes & the works! Awkward smiles & hesitant mannerisms in seconds gave way to full fledged glees & camaraderie.

And Outside, the bus stop was buzzing with full attendance of anxious parents, beating the airports & railway stations with its overwhelming farewells.

Ahh how these kids reduce us with such happy vulnerabilities.

She & Me

While tucking her in bed...

She: Mumma you know this position... how you hold me & sleep is very uncomfortable..so less space for me.

Me: Shifts, makes more room for her & ask, better now?

She: Yes much better.

And then a parting shot in the dark.

She: I have been meaning to tell you this since I was born but kept it inside me for last 9 years.
Saturday night live with Jenga — at Whiteboard Cafe.

28 years old maid. A widow, only earning member, hand-to-mouth, coming to work, leaving her kids back home at the mercy of neighbours.
Keeps singing softly while cleaning & washing. Breaks into a shy smile every time I catch her, humming her Telugu songs. And I smile back.
Thanks Laxmi for my daily morning reminder dose...” I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.”
10 am & someone is still in bed celebrating her freedom with her Harry Potter.. Independence begins at home 


Caught backstage...

Disclaimer: Just stumbled on this one...

I know this video has been floating around for a while but those who haven't seen yet, pls do. Especially working women. So much similar stuff I, as a working women could resonate with. Validates my dozens of checklists & WhatsApp instruction manuals for my family.
On a lighter note, when Sarah takes my 4 pm daily call after school, she starts with, "mom the highlights of the day are... " so that if I have to rush half way for a call or meeting, we both dont miss exchange of important & urgent updates.
And BCP named is my WhatsApp group for Hakim Badshah & Neelam Verma put together :-)


She & Me

Me: ...some insects have only a day's time as a lifetime.

She: (disbelief) So they die in a day?

Me: Yup, they live for only a day.

She: (with a worried look) "Oh, so then how do they get time to make babies?"

Blame it on the ongoing science chapter on life processes.

Some things never change

No matter how many stage performances your kid has had, you as a parent would always be a jelly. Heart fluttering with anxiety, pride and hundreds of other emotions while your misty eye never leaves sight of your kid till she leaves the stage. 

Ahh, the heart-warming vulnerability of parenthood.

Time to grow up mom...

You know your little one has grown up when you send her for a school outing, all “prim & proper”(in your eyes) ; oiled & neatly tied hair, jacket all zipped up & her sturdy specs in place…
And then what you find in the pics pouring in, throughout the day from the group whatsapp- jacket on the waist, hair let down (literally), specs tucked away & glares perched on the head. With her “Harry Porter Gang of Girls” at Bhongir Fort Camp.
Time for me as a mom to grow up !

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When mumma returns home to her kiddo after a week's work trip, the creative bug bites them both. 
smile emoticonHere's a little arty work from us; a mobile holder made from an empty Tresemme shampoo bottle... a gift waiting for dadda Hakim Badshah

Friday, December 18, 2015

“How much more time to bring a pencil, Sarah?”, I cried out irritably. Seconds turned into minutes & still radio silence. Not a big fan of interruptions during our “homework-time”, got up & stormed to her room, all ready to rant. Finding her standing in the middle of the room, motionless like a mannequin, my heightened irritation, in a flash, gave way to concern. Thereafter only our eyes spoke.
Hers, raised an alarm seeing me still not taking the cue to turn absolute motionless. Transfixed, I too almost froze into a mannequin. Momentarily recovering from the spell, mine hesitantly asked hers for an explanation for both of us being in the state we were. In response, hers ordered mine to just comply & continue being a breathing statue. And I did, hypnotised by the determination in her eyes. Seconds turned into minutes & radio silence from our end.
Until the loudspeaker of a nearby school finished playing Jana Gana Mana.