Monday, July 14, 2014

Hyderabad Hues

July 2014- While the two states continue to fight for water & electricity amongst many things and the slowness of the staff in malls here, drives me up the wall, Ramzan brightens this city, like no other I have seen. The Chudi Bazaar at Charminar, the Haleem festival and the number of road side eateries surpassing the population on road, marks this month here. Even if you are not the bling types, the bazaar just grows on you & you'll end up buying from the vast variety of chudis & other knick-knacks. Two months of #HyderabadHues

May 2014- Hindi with a curly twist at the end. By the time you finish drying clothes, have to start lifting them. Every time I introduce, we are from Bombay, Sarah corrects, "Mumma it's Mumbai". Mom is still searching for some Bombay news in Hyderabad Times. 20 days of #HyderabadHues

April 2014- From Queen's Necklace to City of Pearls. Heavy heart, misty eyes & emotions running all over the place. Leaving behind my home, family, friends & neighbors, all who completed our life here but taking loads of cherished memories with me. Good bye.feeling emotional with Hakim Badshah

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