Sunday, May 20, 2007

Once a Mom, Always a Mom

Name: Mrs Neelam Verma
Age: 55
Profile: Young Mother and Homemaker

Sounds odd but its true. I am referring to my mother here, who has raised not only me but my two sisters as well, to be the “all-rounders”. That’s a compliment, I once received from my mom-in-law. What better credentials. Well, all mothers are wonderful but I take pride in being the daughter of a super-wonderful mom cause she raised three daughters against all odds; emotional as well as financial. Without the support of a husband but that’s a different story altogether.

This January, my husband, Hakim and I finally exited the ‘Double Income, No kids’ bracket and welcomed our first kid into this world, Sarah. Our joys knew no bounds and I began my journey into ‘Motherhood’. But fate had plans, which caught us unawares. Sarah had not even completed her second month when Hakim and I met with an accident and I was run over by a speeding tempo. Broke my pelvic bone and right shoulder with multiple fractures. Typically one would keep the bad news to a minimum from parents but in our case, mom had to rush to the hospital with Sarah in her hand, witness her daughter’s pain with silent tears while rocking her grand-daughter.

And then the ordeal started. Mom was sole in-charge of Sarah while visiting me in the hospital and back home, managing the house. It’s been a month now that I have returned home from the hospital, completely bed-ridden for the next two months. Lying idle in my bed, it amazes me to see how mom is looking after her two babies. In-between changing diapers (truly a non- stop activity) and feeding Sarah, mom sponges and feeds me amidst the daily household chores. Not to miss, she never misses a chance to cook Hakim’s and my favorite dishes when Sarah is sleeping. At the age of 55, she is at our beck & call throughout the day and wakes up thrice in the night to attend to Sarah. That’s what I call a wonderful mom but what makes her a super-wonderful mom is she does all this with a constant smile, humming baby talk with Sarah without a second’s break. And trust me, I have seen and heard the ‘new moms’ at times complaining and fretting with baby blues! The way my mom has taken to new motherhood at her age is simply beautiful!

Hats off to you and Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Anonymous said...

Hey Priya... beautifully written article. And hats off once again to aunty for having done a wonderful job...



Anonymous said...

Hi Priya,

I just got to know about your unfortunate accident earlier this year - read the letter to the editor in DNA. Was quite shocked to note the extent of your injuries.

Hope you and your husband are better now. Also, congratulations on the birth of your daughter! This is the only id I have of yours and I hope this mail reaches you.

P.S. Lovely baby!

Take care,


Savy said...

Hope you are doing better by now. It is very well penned thoughts, really touching and hats off to your mom and all the moms of the world...
Best wishes for your family...


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on being proud parents of such a lovely & healthy baby. She really is beautiful and has lovely eyes.

Sorry to hear about your accident and happy to know that you are back home and aunty is there to help you. May you get well soon.

Very well penned thoughts (but I am sure your father would have found grammatical mistakes). Always knew aunty was your strength and it is a blessing that she is there with you.

Give my love and regards to everybody. Do post a photograph of Pooja.



Anonymous said...

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