Monday, October 26, 2015

Religion but for what?

This time when I returned from my official trip, mom insisted I watch the recording of Amitabh’s new serial, ‪#‎AajKiRaatHaiZindagi‬. (She records what she thinks I will or should like).

After watching the rather longish episode, googled about it. Enough is written on the packaging of the episode, being the maiden one. Not getting there. What stirred and shook us, were the bunch of people who were celebrated for Making a Difference in the truest sense of the phrase. Each story, humbling & inspiring. Brought lumps in the throat.

And suddenly, people who spend their lives, clinging to their respective religions only for self gratification seemed smaller and their energies spent in proclaiming their own religion as thee one, seemed pettier.

Alas, if only these beliefs and energies were channelized towards the religion of Humanity. What a future we could have given to our kids!

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