Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Race Against Time

"But maam, it's a very simple procedure to enroll in individual capacity". That was the third time she was repeating herself, convincing me to join the Mumbai Marathon slated for Jan 16th. While, my one way communication was focused on every possible support offering towards the NGO and its cause. I offered to make their communication pack; circulate the same to my forums and friends in the corporate world. What else do they need? But she was adamant. And didn't know the facts.

More than six years back, I was in Bombay and had a similar invitation. Was always interested to run for the various NGOs I deal with but inertia and procrastination took the better of me. No, to be precise, I had the cushion of "if not this year, I have the next year". After all, Mumbai Marathon is a yearly affair. Then around four years back, work took me to Chennai. And I participated as a TV viewer wishing to be back to Bombay and take part in the same. I did return to Bombay but was on my maternity leave. There, went another year of missing the marathon. Again followed the race through its live and press coverage. But had no regrets. "It's just a matter of this year. Next year I am going to run."

It's been three years since my accident. I can't run. Earlier I had the choice to run. Today I don't. I am here in Mumbai and all willing to take part but can't. The women at the other end of the phone interrupted my reverie. "Its only 3500/- rupees for individual participation"...

If we were told, one not-so- fine day, that we have few months to live, why would we drastically change our living from the way we live now? Assume, we would begin living every second of our lives, doing everything we always wanted to do, acknowledging and appreciating our loved ones and yes feeling sorry for letting so many chances and opportunities go by.

Wonder why we don't live like that now. Especially when we have no clue on how long we will live.

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